Best Credit / Debit Cards Online Betting Sites for Canadians

Credit / Debit CardAs a basic form of funding, all sportsbooks should be accepting debit and credit cards. This is an elementary step to getting customers on board and without this facility, bookmakers would probably go out of business.

So, if you prefer plastic in order to get on board with your bookie, here is our guide to depositing and withdrawing with cards.

How Debit / Credit Cards Work

This is basic stuff but here’s your refresher course: With a debit card, funds are taken straight from your bank account. There is no waiting around for the transaction to be carried out as it will be immediate.

Credit cards are slightly different as the transaction is charged to your card immediately but you then have a certain amount of time in which to pay it off. In fact, you don’t actually have to pay the full amount in one hit but you will be charged interest if you do not clear the account in full by the payment date.

Advantages of Debit / Credit Cards for Canadian Players

Perhaps the biggest advantage of paying by card lies with the sheer convenience. The vast majority of us carry cards around and we find that this is the easiest way in which to pay for goods or services. Cash is being phased out and cards are taking over, especially with online transactions where cash payments simply don’t work.

Players in Canada should also find that payments are free and instant. If you’re paying by many of the main eWallets, plus the likes of iDebit and Instadebit, there may be additional charges when you add funds to your sportsbook account but that shouldn’t be the case with cards. Transactions should also be instant which is another big plus.

Finally, it’s the fact that cards are so widely accepted that gives them an advantage. With some sportsbooks, this is their only available method of funding so it makes sense to keep a card on hand.

Playing at Online Gambling Sites Using Debit / Credit Cards

It couldn’t be easier to add funds and withdraw using either a debit or credit card. The exact method may vary depending on which bookmaker you use but the principle should remain the same. When you register for a new sportsbook account, you should be taken to the cashier as soon as your details are verified.

Among the deposit options there will be a box for Visa and Mastercard. The bookie should not make a distinction between debit and credit cards at this stage. Now, just as you would with any online purchase, simply fill in the card’s details – name, long number, start and expiry date plus the cvv number on the back.

Now, type in the amount that you want to deposit and click to confirm. It really is that simple.

Your sportsbook may then ask you to save the card’s details. It’s up to you as to whether you want to do this but it should make things more convenient when you come to withdraw from your balance at a later date.

Play in Complete Security Using Debit / Credit Cards

It is advisable when using cards to check the security levels of the bookmaker that you are using. Unlike certain eWallets, the question of security is largely handed over to the point of sale and if a debit card is compromised, cyber criminals could have access to you account.

With state of the art security levels in place at all reputable outlets, there should be no issues but players should just be aware of this point.