Best iDebit Online Betting Sites for Canadians

iDebitOne of the signs of a good bookmaker is a wide set of funding options. Cards and bank transfers will be made available as a basic requirement but there should be much more besides. We’re talking about eWallets and other financial institutions that offer flexible transactions and an easy way to make online purchases.

One of those options is iDebit and, as a Canadian based company, we should certainly be checking them out. The majority of North American bookies are already promoting iDebit while more of the global sportsbooks are also taking them on. In this guide we will look at how the system works and the benefits of using this company.

How iDebit Works

This isn’t a traditional eWallet as iDebit does not store any of your money. Instead, it links to your chosen bank account and can be used to transfer funds directly from that account to a host of retailers.

It’s been described by many users as writing a check online but, when you make those transfers, none of your bank details are disclosed. That’s an extra level of security that makes iDebit one of the most preferred payment methods for the Canadian betting community.

To get things started, head to the registration page at iDebit and fill in some basic personal details. Then link your chosen bank account before waiting for confirmation and validation. A full set of information on how the service works can be found on the iDebit help page.

Advantages of iDebit for Canadian Players

One of the big advantages of using a Canadian company is the strength of customer service. A good set of help facilities isn’t always guaranteed but iDebit take this part of their operation very seriously. There is a big help section laid down by the company starting with a list of FAQs and online information that is logically laid out and easy to follow.

Further support options are provided via live chat, a dedicated customer support email and a local telephone number so this really is a positive part of the set up.

Canadians also like playing with a familiar firm and many will already have accounts here. If not, the sign up process is a fast and simple one.

There are charges for using iDebit but these are very reasonable and they compare very well with other providers. These may be subject to change but at the time of writing in April 2019, the fee for a payment from online banking stood at $1.50 CAD. Occasionally, retailers will refund on items and when that refund is transferred back into customers’ bank accounts, a charge of $2.00 CAD will be made.

The combination of low fees, good service and general flexibility are at the core of benefits that can be enjoyed when using iDebit.

Playing at Online Gambling Sites Using iDebit

The process for funding via iDebit is really quite simple. Firstly, if this provider is important to you then you will need to establish whether or not iDebit is accepted as a means of funding. In the majority of cases, operators will show a full list of banking options at the bottom of their homepage but if you are in any doubt, you can always fire over a question to customer support.

Having established that point, kick the process off by clicking on the ‘deposit’ button on your sportsbook’s page. This might also be showing as ‘add funds’ but it should always be pretty obvious as to which button you need to press.

The exact process will vary depending on which bookmaker you use but from here, you should then be asked to confirm your iDebit account details before deciding on how much you wish to deposit. Click on the confirm button and you’re done. Whoever you use in terms of online sports betting, this should be a simple process and that simplicity is another reason why Canadian players choose to play with iDebit.

Play in Complete Security with iDebit

We’ve mentioned that initial level of security when paying with iDebit and that’s an important place to start. No bank details are conveyed to the retailer when you make a transaction and that should be a comforting thing to learn.

Added to this piece of good news is the fact that iDebit use 128-bit encryption technology plus biometric palm scanners. They conform to the Fair Credit Report Act and follow all relevant laws in Canada. Security should be 100% here giving you peace of mind whenever you make an online transaction with iDebit.