Best Neteller Online Betting Sites for Canadians

NetellerIn any of our reviews, we often refer to choice as being a key element for sportsbooks to achieve. One of the ways in which choice plays a big part is through funding methods. Entry level bookies will offer Visa and Mastercard plus bank transfers as a form of depositing to and withdrawing from an account and for some players, that would be enough.

For many, however, much more effort is needed on the part of the sportsbook. Neteller is one of the most popular eWallets around right now and by having this as part of their funding system, companies can expect to increase their customer base.

How Neteller Works

Neteller is an eWallet, just like PayPal or Skrill and if you’ve used either of those providers, you’ll know exactly how things work. It’s not a bank as such but it is a financial institution that stores your money safely and securely, ready to pay for products or services with retailers who are on board.

You can get funds into your Neteller account in two main ways: Firstly, you can add sums via your bank account or you can sell your own products and accept Neteller as a means of payment. Then, when it comes to paying for third party products, you can either use those funds or, you can link a bank account if your Neteller account is empty.

Advantages of Neteller for Canadian players

One of the big advantages of Neteller is its popularity among the sportsbooks. For those who accept eWallets, this is one of the first names to add to their roster so, if you already have a Neteller account, you’ll find that there are dozens of bookmakers who will accept this method.

There are some fees involved when transferring to your bank account but most online purchases will be free and that’s obviously another big plus. Customer service has also been found to be effective so, as a good all-round package, Neteller is one of the best eWallets around.

Playing at Online Gambling Sites Using Neteller

We’ve already given a brief outline as to how Neteller works and this same principle can be applied to betting accounts. Before that, however, it’s important to establish if the operator actually accepts Neteller as a form of payment. To do this, simply scroll down to the bottom of the bookmaker’s homepage where the Neteller logo should appear. If you’re in any doubt, simply fire over a question to customer services and you will receive a rapid answer.

Once this point has been cleared up, here’s what you need to do in order to add funds. Click on the deposit button and you should see Neteller offered as a means of payment. Click on their logo, choose the amount that you want to add and you’re done. It really is that simple and the same procedure applies to withdrawals. Transactions should also be instant with this provider.

Play in Complete Security Using Neteller

Whenever a customer makes a purchase using Neteller, none of their account details are shared with the retailer. That means that the seller does not see any bank details including sort code and account number.

This starts off an important initial level of security but Neteller go much deeper. Login details can be protected by a two-step authentication if the customer wishes so they can get a text code sent to their cellphone.

Neteller publish a full section relating to security on their website where they go into detail about the latest tools and features that are used. It’s all there to offer players peace of mind and it’s another reason why this operator is so popular.