NFL Betting & Sites in Canada

nfl canadaWhen you are watching a sport which doesn’t have a Canadian team to pin your hopes one, how do you maintain an interest? The answer is simple really: you have a bet. Despite the NFL’s popularity in Canada, the lack of a local team means that just about every side has some support in Canada. This in turn means that there are a lot of people betting on the NFL.

With a sport as popular as football the betting prospects are almost endless. Every site carries lines on NFL and just about every site has more betting options than the last. We will have a look at how the major NFL betting sites size up against each other, taking into account available markets, odds, live betting and how easy it is for Canadians to get their bet on.

NFL Betting Strategy and Tips

Whether you’re planning to commit to NFL betting on a regular basis or, if you’re just going to take an occasional punt on a match, you’ll need to put a strategy in place to carry it out effectively.

This strategy should start with the basics including studying form and statistics and it should extend to deciding which markets you want to bet on and finding the right bookmaker to fit in with those plans. Here are our tips on effective NFL betting which are intended to give you the best possible chance of turning regular profits.

Money / Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a term that originated from poker and now has an important role to play in sports betting. A bankroll is the amount of money that you set aside to play with and the sums involved are determined by how much the player is comfortable with losing in a worse case scenario.

Work out some budgets and identify that sum in the first instance. It’s unwise to bet the whole amount in one hit and professional gamblers tend to only stake up to 5% of their bankroll at one time. Whatever you decide, the important message is to not go over your bankroll limit.

Betting on the Underdog at Home

In any NFL game, the odds will show a favourite team with a short price and their opponents will carry longer odds. The perceived weaker side are known as the underdogs and are expected to lose but there is often some value in betting on them when they are at home.

Home advantage is an important factor in most sports and it can certainly have an effect in NFL so, before you dismiss the underdog, look at their away record and also the home record of the favourites before committing.

Avoid Exotic Bets

An exotic bet is a stake on more than one event and while the potential for profits will rise, the risk becomes greater with each bet that is added. Remember, all of these outcomes would need to come in before any profit is made so there is a higher chance of something going wrong.

Professional punters tend to avoid exotic bets because of that higher risk and certainly for new players who are just starting to develop their own NFL betting strategy, it would be wise to give them a miss in those early stages.

NFL Betting Lines

What is a Betting Line?

A line is simply another way to describe an available betting market and it is the preferred terminology of sportsbooks in Canada and the US. The bookmaker in question will look at the range of possibilities in any NFL game and produce a line where their account holders have to decide on whether to get involved.

There are lots of lines available in this sport from outright Super Bowl winner at the start of the season, through to match result and a host of prop bets so we’ll now work through the more popular options.

NFL Money Line

A money line bet is simply another term for betting on the result of the game. In the NFL, things are very easy and the options are limited to a win for either side. There are no markets for the tie as tied games will then carry over into overtime until one team wins.

The sportsbooks will publish two sets of odds for each team to win and this is the Money Line. Simply decide who you think will win and place your bet accordingly.

NFL Point Spread Odds

In NFL Betting, a point spread is effectively a handicap so, if we were betting on the weaker of two sides, they would need to cover the spread in order for a profit to land.

These bets are best described by using an example so let’s say that the Patriots are hot favourites to beat the Redskins. By using a point spread of 10.5, you increase the odds and the Patriots would need to win by 11 points or more to deliver a profit. By using the same example, you can back the Redskins and get a return if they win the game or lose by less than 10 points.

NFL Over / Under Odds

An over / under bet in NFL relates to total points scored. For most matches, sportsbooks will start a line at 44.5 points and increase in increments of around five points each time. The bettor has to then decide whether to bet over or under that line.

Over / Under bets usually relate to the total combined points scored in each game but there can also be two additional markets set aside for the two teams involved.

NFL Futures and Props

Futures betting in NFL relates to long term bets across the season. Examples include the winners of each individual division and the overall Super Bowl Champion.

Prop bets are those that are available for the game but involve events that don’t necessarily have a bearing on the overall result. For example, you could stake on a QB to throw a certain number of yards or a player to make a defined number of interceptions. These player prop bets are less common but the best NFL betting sites will publish them while futures are widely available.

Super Bowl Betting Sites

We’ve now offered a full rundown of the most popular markets and now it’s time to find the right bookmaker. The best NFL sportsbooks should always offer strong prices; that’s a basic need for any bettor, while a wide choice of markets is another important factor.

The value that we get from competitive odds can also be lifted with daily price boosts on the big NFL games while some operators have even published competitions to win a trip to the Super Bowl. If you’re getting involved with NFL betting for the first time or if you’re simply looking for a new operator, here are our recommendations.


betonline canada logoBetonline are one of the premier sportsbook services for customers in North America. They’ve been online since 2004 and that’s plenty of time in this digital age to build up trust with their customer base.

Many feel that the NFL offerings here are second to none: Football is a big focus with a direct link going to the NFL area where dozens of lines are listed. Overall, for choice, value and trust, Betonline should be one of the first sign ups for NFL bettors.

Spin Palace

spin palace sports canada logoIf you’ve yet to check out the sportsbook at Spin Palace then you’re missing out. Their name suggests there is a focus on casino play but shrewd sports bettors know that there’s much more to enjoy here.

Things kick off in a positive way with a welcome deal worth up to $200 and that’s a good reason to start an account here. That value continues with some of the most competitive odds on the NFL and once again, there is that wide choice of betting lines and they all add up to make Spin Palace a great all round option.

Best NFL Betting Sites

Along with the two names that we’ve specifically mentioned here, Sports Interaction is a Canada based company that gives their local customers a great all round sports package. Of those operators who are based outside of North America, Bet365, Betway, 888Sport and William Hill are all accessible here and all tick the boxes in terms of strong prices and range of NFL betting lines.

If you want to get involved with betting on this great sport, choose one or more top bookmakers and then consider the markets that are available. Work out your strategy and it is possible to make regular profits from your NFL betting.


bet365 logoThe variety of NFL markets available on Bet365 is mind-boggling. On futures alone you can bet on Super Bowl winners, Most Valuable Player, Regular Season Points Scored, Winning Conference, who will win each Conference, Regular Season Wins Match Up, to Win Divisions, which teams will make the Play-Offs, which teams won’t make the play-offs, which division will produce the Super Bowl winners, who will be the Defensive Rookie of the Year, the Offensive Rookie of the Year, who will complete the most passing yards, which player will complete the most rushing yards and receiving yards completion. And that is just for the future markets!

There is also an extensive line on individual games including the spread, over/under, game totals and Moneylines. It’s a fantastic variety of betting options. Bet365 has a great in play betting service and a comprehensive mobile betting site accessible via a great app. Needless to say, Canadian customers are well attended to with plenty of withdrawal and deposit options accepting Canadian Dollars.


bodog canada logoIt is great to see a Canadian success story still holding it’s own against so many top notch competitors. When it comes to NFL betting, Bovada is still one of the best around. It has a massive range of futures and single game options with it’s future betting lines being particularly substantial. You can be sure that every market covered by Bet365 will be available on Bovada. Divisional betting, player props and team props are all covered. Their live betting is something to behold also with no restrictions on betting lines.

The best thing about Bovada is their generosity when it comes to betting outsiders. You can make serious money if you are prepared to look past the favourites and go for the unexpected. Students of the sport will definitely be able to take advantage of this willingness to offer better odds for unfancied sides. The only drawback is their bet limits. This won’t affect most gamblers, but high-rollers may find it somewhat restrictive.

William Hill

william hill logoYou wouldn’t expect a UK based site to have a great line on NFL bets, but William Hill manages to just this. As well as a superb line in future bets, you can expect to get over forty markets on each and every game. William Hill allows customers to mix and match bets to come up with a variety of parlays and multiples. Other than combining outright wins, you can combine just about any individual bet to create very profitable parlays.

The site is hugely respected and trustworthy and has been around since the advent of internet betting. It has a great live betting and in-play platform and there are various bonuses and promos available on all games. It’s odds may not be as competitive as the other sites, but it’s range of bets, customer service, reliability and fast withdrawal times compensate for this.