Canadian Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu

Canadian Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu

As the online casino gaming phenomenon has grown, so too has the number of participants and the choice of games on offer to them. This is particularly the case where slots are concerned, with dozens of new ones appearing every single week.

However, it is the table games that have the most devoted following. Perhaps it is the influence of movie characters like James Bond and Danny Ocean, but somehow sitting at a gaming table to play roulette or baccarat feels more like the genuine casino experience than simply feeding money into a slot, no matter how advanced the gameplay might be.

This is probably why blackjack and roulette are consistently ranked the most popular casino games. Yet there is one that is even more famous. Poker is the ultimate when it comes to strategy. It is also the game that most commonly features on the silver screen. Yet perhaps for these very reasons, it is something that beginners are often nervous to approach. There’s really no reason for that, as the following examples demonstrate.

Video Poker

The biggest worry for beginners is that they will find themselves playing against a seasoned expert. With video poker, it’s just you and the machine, so it is the perfect place to start. Choose a simple version like Jacks or Better and you will soon be familiar with the different hands, such as a flush, a straight or a full house. You’ll also start to pick up an understanding of which cards to keep or discard and what constitutes a good, bad or indifferent poker hand.

Three Card Poker

Here’s the perfect next step. There’s still no risk of losing your shirt to a hustler, but now instead of a machine, it is you and the dealer. You can either play in a physical casino, online or using a mixture of the two with a live dealer game at a site like It’s a little like a cross between video poker and blackjack, as the objective is to form a better poker hand than the dealer’s, using just three cards. Like blackjack, you might sit at a table and play alongside others, but you are only trying to beat the dealer, nobody else.

Caribbean Stud

With this variation, you are back to a five-card hand. However, you still have the comfort of playing only against the dealer. Here, you can explore deeper strategy options, and there is also a progressive jackpot on the side that can really hot things up as the game develops.

Texas Holdem

Once you’ve worked your way through the above poker variations, you will be ready to sit down with other players for a game of Texas Holdem. This is the most popular form of poker, and is the version favoured by pro leagues like the World Series of Poker. However, the beauty of online casinos means you are still not obliged to start throwing down chips and doing battle with strangers. Spend as long as you like at a virtual table, honing your strategies against virtual opponents until you feel confident enough to unleash them on the real world!