NBA Preview

The Toronto Raptors may be the only Canadian team in the National Basketball Association but they won’t feel left out here. The Raptors will get extensive coverage in our NBA previews as we look to update bettors on the team’s fortunes throughout the season.

Every week, we will preview the Raptors as they look to go beyond the regular season and we’ll carefully analyse the task in front of them. These NBA previews will firstly focus on the moneyline betting for match result but we’ll also take a look at some popular prop bets from among the side markets. Form, head to head results and relevant stats will be crunched as we look to pick out some winners.

There may be stronger sides in the league but the Raptors are bravely flying the flag for Canada and our NBA previews will follow their progress every step of the way. Keep tuning back in for the latest updates as the NBA seasons develop.

March 11, 2020

Toronto Raptors Picks

As Canada’s only representative in the National Basketball Association, the Toronto Raptors made history in 2019 by claiming their first-ever NBA Championship. It’s always tough to make a successful defense…